Election Information

Polls for the ASUO General Election will open at 9am on Monday April 8, and close at 4pm on Thursday April 11.

  • Any enrolled student who has paid the current term (or semester) Incidental Fee is eligible to vote.
  • Voting occurs through DuckWeb (link); simply log in and select the voting option under the student menu.
  • 38 positions are being elected during the 2019 election.
  • Several ASUO positions are for two-year seats; see list of available seats here
  • Academic senate seats are tied to majors; only students with declared majors within the academic fields of study for that seat will be able to vote in that seat’s race.


  • Should a candidate for any position not garner the required percentage of votes, a runoff will be triggered.
  • If triggered, the polls for the runoff will open on DuckWeb at 9am on Monday April 15, and close at 4pm on Thursday April 18.  

Results, Resources, and Disclosure Data

All resources, announcements and disclosure data, including campaign finance disclosures, can be found on the Elections Page of the ASUO website. Election results will be posted there at the conclusion of the election (and again at the conclusion of the runoff, if triggered).

About ASUO

Amplify Your Voice

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon (“ASUO”) is the recognized student government body at the University of Oregon. It is run by students, for students.

ASUO’s elected Officials, volunteers, and members advocate on behalf of students at the campus, city, state, and federal level. Our officials are engaged in the creation of legislative policy, the promotion and management of university-wide campaigns, and the coordination of the student organization recognition process. The ASUO also recommends and allocates the student incidental fee.

The Incidental Fee

Every term students pay their tuition and fees. In those student fees, also called Incidental Fees or the “I-Fee,” students pay for a variety of services on campus that support student groups, services and facilities. Many students assume that the services are “free” because they are a student. This is because they can be “hidden” in the fees. Understanding that students pay for these services is one of the reasons why committee and senate members are so important: they allocate funding from students’ money for a variety of purposes for our campus community. Here are some services that students PAY for in their fees every term:

  • LTD: The ability to ride any LTD bus without fare, including the EmX!
  • SRC: Gym membership and access to the Student Recreation Center!
  • EMU: The cost of facility operations and renovation for our Student Union, including funding for student groups housed in the EMU, such as the Women's Center and the Student Activities Resource Center.
  • UO Athletics: Ticket costs for the chance to see the Ducks play in every sport on campus!

Purpose of this Guide

The ASUO Elections Board is very proud to continue the interactive work inspired in 2015 by several ambitious and talented UO students from ASUO and the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). In that year, the first online ASUO Elections Voter Guide was born.

The Board promotes the original vision for this guide, as a resource where students can get to know the candidates in order to make an informed choice about the students who will lead the campus going forward. Decisions made by elected officials have a direct impact on every UO student. Furthermore, ASUO is entrusted with the allocation of the $17+ million incidental fee: funds that support the social, cultural, educational and physical development of all student members. The original goal, which we have upheld, was a simple, clean and concise voter guide that allows every candidate a platform on which to share their vision and inspire the support of voters.

In the interest of inspired learning, the Elections Board welcomes any feedback and suggestions that you may have regarding this guide. Feel free to send us an email, or talk to us in person. Thank you for taking the time to participate in the democratic process here on our campus! Best Wishes, and Go Ducks!

In Leadership,

The ASUO Elections Board – asuoelectionsboard@uoregon.edu 

Dakota Steele, Chair; Allison Dominguez, Commissioner; Shanley Chandler, Commissioner

Election Board Members Block

Picture of Shanley Chandler
  • Shanley Chandler

  • Position: Elections Commissioner

  • Area of Study: UO School of Law: Child Advocacy

  • Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Why did you choose to be involved in student governement?

During my time as an MLK ambassador at Providence College, I had the opportunity to assist in promoting diversity for all programs on-campus. In that position, I found passion for ensuring that every person’s voice is heard. I hope to continue this passion as a law student, and now as an elections commissioner.

Picture of Allison Dominguez
  • Allison Dominguez

  • Position: Elections Commissioner

  • Area of Study: Political Science and Public Relations

  • Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Why did you decide to become an elections commissioner?

I wanted to become an elections commissioner because I believe that fair and transparent elections are the first step to having a truly representative organization. 

What relevant skills and experience do you bring to this position?

I am a first-year political science and public relations major. I have a variety of experience within the judicial and political spectrum. I did a job shadow with Judge Valeri Love, volunteered as a case presenter for Eugene Teen Court and was president of my school's Political Action Club.

How do you hope to improve the UO as an elections commissioner? 

I hope to bring a clear set of rules, fair judgments and helpful advice that can even the playing field for all candidates and allow students to best choose their representatives.

Picture of Dakota Steele
  • Dakota Steele

  • Position: Elections Chair

  • Area of Study: UO School of Law: Environmental Law

  • Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

Why did you choose to join student government?

While an undergraduate at the University of Vermont, I was part of its student body government where I learned a lot of valuable skills and had the opportunity to assist my peers. As a student at Oregon's Law School, I wanted to assist students in becoming part of the student body government so they can have the same opportunity that I did. By being part of the Elections Board, I can assist candidates and ensure an equal opportunty.

Copy of 2019 ASUO Regular Election Ballot

The ballot will be available through duckweb from April 8, at 9:00 through April 11, at 4:00